SHE-Shell Sea Wisdom the Coral Reef Series

We humans need to understand and take responsibility for our impact on the world. Coastal seas count for 7% of our ocean, yet they are responsible for 95% of the world's marine production - these are our planet's fishing grounds, the seeds for the majority of sea life. Despite their importance to humanity, few coastal seas are protected. Yet wherever effective protection exists, life bounces back in huge abundance. 

My sculpture series She-Shell Sea Wisdom portrays a woman’s torso and a seashell as one in this organic curved ceramic form. Growth and loss are alive within the sculpture’s richly layered outer texture and golden dots that symbolize seeds of new coral growth. The She-shell’s opalescent inner shell speaks to the preciousness of life, while the fractured surface is a language of wisdom and experience which humans must embrace to protect the seeds of new life in our coastal seas.